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A brief about the S-L Sportswear collections,

The Collection of Seven


1. BBW BADDIE SIGNATURE - inner city gritty, BOLD, for the woman who doesn't care about the stares but likes when they look (Sizes 4X-6X can fit SSBBWs! Follow me on IG @sarahluxxapparel)

2. AVANT GARDE - more than just bold, it's sharp. Turns pain into works of art.

3. YOGA LEGGINGS -a mix of pretty and bold patterns as extra motivation for those days we force ourselves to workout!

4. DRESSY CASUAL – strives to bring classy, elegance to comfortable pieces. The “Dressy Casual” collection is designed for the sophisticated buyer.

5. MENSWEAR - I got tired of men constantly saying, "so, nothing for me?" These pieces capture masculine energy through the eyes of the designer.

6. EMBROIDERED SHIRTS – There’s something special about an embroidered tee or hoodie. It always gets a special place in the closet or drawer for special occasions. 

7. PEACEFUL WORLD – Every news report shares some turmoil. This collection exudes peace and tranquility. Wear these pieces to attract positive energy.



Sarah Luxx

244 Madison Avenue #1384 New York, NY 10016


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